David Beckham is not only one of the most iconic footballers, but he is also known as the hottest male celebrity and a style icon. No matter what he wears-formal, casual, jackets- he always looks extremely stylish. Beckham’s wardrobe must be enormous we suppose. We have gathered a few of his main styles for you to have a glimpse at.


David wore a stylish black Tom Ford tuxedo with a white collar shirt, buttoned all the way up. The black bow tie, teamed up with a white square pocket gives a more classic look to the outfit.

Beckham pulled off the look by wearing a classic sports jacket/trouser combo. He wore a khaki linen patch pocket jacket and a pair of grey tweed trousers. It went perfectly well with the blue striped collar shirt, the navy blue tie, and a check-patterned pocket square. He has mixed all types of patterns together. Let’s not forget his glasses 😎

The style icon wore a crisp blue suit teamed up with a black t-shirt and black shoes. He doesn’t always dress up formal. Beckham, on many occasions, has worn a suit with a t-shirt, jeans and white-colored trainers.

When it comes to layering, David does a fantastic job, be it a formal outfit or casual wear. He chooses the right color combination. He has worn a charcoal grey morning suit, with DB sown on the inside, together with a light grey double-breasted waistcoat, a cotton shirt, grey silk tie, and black leather shoes.


Beckham has experimented with his hair a lot since he was young. The craziest hairstyles to the most decent ones, the man buns or pony-tails to short hair. You name it. However, he has always looked great in all of them.

Recently, he has stuck to short or medium hair length.

Casual wear

Just like his formal outfits, David Beckham rocks his casual wear. He mostly goes for black colored clothes and he is really good at choosing jackets. Over the past year, he has been seen wearing all types of jackets- from leather to denim. For the bottom of his body, he prefers a tight pair of jeans with either boots or sneakers. And to give a complete touch to his outfits, he adds an accessory like glasses or a cap, etc.

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These are the main styles of the famous soccer player, David Beckham. You can definitely steal his style and try to mix it with your own trendy looks. 😉

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