Hey, Cashmere Lovers! Good news for you. As you are entering the new season and the days are getting cooler, snug into your light cozy knitwear. This fine soft wool is not just comfortable to wear but it is popular for its classic styling. This Winter you can wear Cashmere wherever you want and in any form you like, be it in your favorite hoodies or jumpers and even scarves.

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No doubt cashmere garments are durable but they are very delicate. Therefore, they need special care so make sure you follow the steps below:


  1. It would be best if you dry clean your cashmere clothing. However, if you want to wash it yourself, make sure you hand wash it and NOT machine wash. Also, make sure you wash the different colored garments separately.
  2. Remove the decorative items and fasten the buttons or zip it up.
  3. Put the garment-inside out- into lukewarm water and use cashmere and wool detergent.
  4. Until the garment is soap-free, rinse it in clean water. Remove excess water by applying pressure. NOT by twisting it.
  5. Lay it flat on a clean towel to dry the garment while reshaping it.


  1. Once the garment is dry, gently steam iron it inside out.
  2. If your garment has pleats, keep the iron at a distance so that no pressure is applied on the pleats, damaging them.
  3. Keep in mind the surface of the iron should be clean.


Fold your cashmere garment while storing. Hanging will stretch and de-shape it.


While you are wearing cashmere, the surface gets rubbed which causes a small entanglement of fuzz that becomes larger and a pill is made. 
This cannot be prevented completely due to the characteristics of the fabric. Nevertheless, you can prevent excessive pilling.

  1. Use the special cashmere comb to pick pilling.
  2. Keep the garment clean.
  3. Wait for two days after one wear.

Hope these tips keep your Cashmere longlasting πŸ˜‰

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