A healthy diet means a healthy lifestyle. Below mentioned are some of the healthy foods you must consume every day regardless of your age and weight. Each food has its importance and should be taken in the right amount which we will guide you through!

1. Yogurt

Health benefits of yogurt

Yogurt has a lot of benefits. It is a probiotic which helps to improve your digestion and cleanse your stomach. By applying it on your skin, due to its bleaching property, the dead skin cells will be replaced. Therefore, making your skin glow. Also, you will get rid of dark circles under your eyes. A bowl of yogurt in the morning is a perfect way to start your day.


health benefits of spinach

To maintain your iron and calcium levels, spinach is the right choice. It has large quantities of vitamin-A and vitamin-B which improves your skin and hair. Iron deficiency is one of the main reasons for hair fall and this can be prevented by foods like spinach. Studies show that it also improves eyesight in the long term and can slightly change your eye color. One cup of fresh spinach or a half cup of cooked spinach is best for your diet.


health benefits of walnuts

Eating a handful of walnuts every day ensures a healthy body weight. It has omega-3 oil which lowers the risk of heart diseases. It supports healthy brain functioning and lowers blood pressure. Overall it supports healthy aging. On average 7 shelled walnuts or 14 walnut halves should be eaten.


health benefits of dates

Dates give us an instant boost of energy and are best for stoping your sugar cravings. It contains different types of antioxidants which help in preventing aging. They also control sugar and blood pressure levels. The best combination is to eat dates with almonds. Around 8 almonds and 2 dates.


health benefits of eggs

An egg is a must-have food item. You should always start your day with an egg. They are rich in nutrients and high in cholesterol. Vitamin-A and vitamin B-12 in eggs make the immune system stronger. It is good for weight loss because your stomach stays full for a longer time period. Therefore, reducing the urge to eat. Eggs improve your skin and prevent the breakdown of body tissues.

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